H&M is my dream land

3:20 AM

I think H&M is going to be the only shop I'm going to shop at from now on atleast while I'm in Dubai. I went to the H&M store at Ibn and its bigger than the one in MOE  and the prices here are WAY more cheaper! There were some pretty good stuff for 10 Dhs!

Anyways, I bought three items that have had a good price reduction and are totally worth the price I paid. The first is this gorgeous neon lace pink dress. Its a pop of color and is fun and flirty and is tres feminine! I
cannot wait to wear this!

The second item I bought was a tribal black print pair of jeans. Its very comfortable and since almost everything is changing to leather and moving to the edgier side, I decided to buy a dark and edgy print instead of a floral one.

The third item I bought was a pair of high waisted cream colored shorts. I'm not sure what material they're made out of buts its sort of like soft leather?

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