Boston Photo Diary

I realized I never put up a photo diary of Boston, the city I loved more than New York City at some point. Of course that view has changed, sorry Boston but there's no place like New York City. Nevertheless, Boston's more of a historical infused contemporary city. Its the best of both worlds. I didn't photograph too much while I was there mainly because I wanted to appreciate the city without having to keep clicking photos. We've become so consumed with technology that we cannot go a second without its presence. I've always been fascinated with architecture so naturally most of my photos of this trip are of buildings I found interesting. I would say Boston's a bit more relaxed compared to NYC and less crowded. Definitely worth a visit second time around. Perhaps for university?

Thoughts on Unpaid Internships

If you've been following the fashion industry for a while now you might have heard about some major changes not only in relation to the publishing sector but also in terms of designers stepping down from certain brands. The past few months have been crazy for the industry. Things just got crazier. Conde Nast, the multi million dollar publishing house most notably known for Vogue, W Magazine and the New Yorker has been sued by two former interns at W Magazine and The New Yorker for unpaid internships.

Unpaid internships are not a rare occurrence in the industry. The industry's taught me that internships are my tickets to securing a great career in fashion. Unpaid, paid, part time, full time,local, international whatever it may be will always be beneficial. I've recently secured an internship locally as a PR/Social Media intern-unpaid and I'm quite fine with that because I'm still very young and its not a major requirement for me to receive financial pay now and I'm just looking for some valuable experience to put on my resume to amp up my college application. For a 16 year old  like me ,an unpaid internship poses no problems.I'm financially dependent on my parents and have always been simply because work laws restrict me from getting a paying job. 

According to's research, New York has climbed from position 5 to being the second most expensive city in the world ousting predecessor London.New York is also the highest tax paying state and from personal experience from a visit to New York City, it ain't cheap. You best better be from a wealthy family or have a secure great paying job if you want to survive there.The  cost of a BBA or BFA degree at Parsons The New School for Design for 2013-2014 per term is $20,330 tuition per credit(12-19) is $1385, University Services Fee per term is $130 and Academic Supplies fee per box is $95. On top of this I'm sure there are other additional costs like residence, food spending's etc  to add to the financial pressure. By now you should have realized why this topic of unpaid internships is controversial

Yes, internships are about experience but would you continue to say that when you're a broke college student in Manhattan on an unpaid internship or getting payed below the minimum wage line? Purely based on finances you wouldn't. You would be left homeless and if you're an international student then you've also got a tonne of visas to deal with as well unless you have financial backup from friends or relatives. My tone until this point might have sounded biased. Let me put aside finances. Unpaid internships have their advantages too. 

- They take away the notion that whatever work you do, you have to get paid. It teaches the youth that not everything in life has to relate to money and the experience of a lifetime is what counts. Don’t get me mistaken. There’s the whole other topic of being overqualified and not getting paid enough or doing labor for an unhealthy amount of hours and not receiving any pay and these two things should not be acceptable in society.
- In terms of companies, they have one less paycheck to worry about. Everyone has financial problems whether it be small or big and frankly when someone shows up ready to work for your company free of charge, there’s no need of a pay discussion.But when you're making your interns work for long hours and not paying them or paying below the required wage, you need to get your priorities right. 

Looking at it from a start up company's point of view, its already tight with start up costs so its understandable that interns might not get payed and maybe as the company grows, they have every intention of paying but it raises eyebrows when it comes to multi million dollar brands and companies. If you can spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns and pointless events you can spend a few dollars a month to pay your interns for all the hard work they're doing.Interns at the end of the day are what keep half of these companies running. Young fresh talent is essential to companies's successes today and ultimately its the company's loss.

City of Dreams

*cue Empire State of Mind by Jay-Zand Alicia Keys* New York City. The city where dreams come to life. The city that never sleeps. So what exactly makes NYC so great? I couldn't find out the answer since I spent 2 very fast short days there and I fell sick on my last one which hindered me to go out and explore but I did not want to leave the city without getting a view of the city's top landmarks so I had booked an 8 hour city tour plus a ferry ride to the newly reopened Statue of Liberty. Being an architecture fanatic, New York City is the place to be. Art is its middle name. You don't have to go to the Met or any other art museum to appreciate NYC's art scene because its everywhere around you. Buildings, parks, street art, the people themselves!

               Wearing: Dress by Splash, Anne Klein leather bag, Heels from New Look, Shrug from New                                                                              York and Co     
      My tour guide pointed out these houses to me and said it reminded him of Parisian style apartments which I have to agree with! 

One of the highlights of my trip was standing at the Top of the Rock observatory and getting spectacular views of the city directly ahead of me. I had seen these views on pictures on Tumblr and longed for the day that I could get pictures of my own. I didn't get time to shop which I wish I had because H&M was having a crazy 4th of July Sale where prices were as low as $3. Like I said I had an extremely short trip but I am applying for universities in the heart of NYC which would be an amazing college experience and great for finding work in the bustling fashion industry in New York City. So 2 more years and hopefully I'll be back in the Big Apple but that time for good.

Again I have seen this building on a lot of Tumblr pictures and I love the color scheme and detailing on it but I still have no clue what exactly the building is called or what purpose it serves. 

Both of the above landmarks have something in common. They were both destroyed at some point. One due to a human disaster and the other due to a natural one. The picture on the left is the newly reconstructed World Trade Center Building. After the attack it was known as ground zero but the tower has almost been completed and it looks magnificent. Its extremely tall and you can see it from a very long distance. The one the left is Miss Lady Liberty which was reopened to the public on the 4th of July after suffering damages from Hurricane Sandy. Interesting story my ferry guide told me; the Statue itself was constructed by the French but it was upto the Americans to build the pedestal. It cost a lot but Joseph Pulitzer, a newspaper publisher put an ad in his newspaper asking for the average American to donate money and said that he would print the name of every contributor who donated no matter how small the amount of money. It took some time but it finally happened and serves as a proud reminder and memoir to all the Americans that donated.

Disclaimer: All pictures were photographed and edited by me and are not allowed to be used elsewhere without my permission 

Sneak Peak: America 2013

This summer has been an incredible journey for me. I visited two of the most gorgeous cities in the world and spent some time with the most incredible people I've met. Its crazy how one city can change your perspective on things and even though I do wish I had gotten to do a lot more in NYC I'm glad I had the opportunity because the experience was unreal. I didn't get to see any models unfortunately but I did see the lovely Malala Yousafzai at JFK airport which was unreal. I will post more of my trip soon but here's a little sneak peak of it. Hope you're all having a great summer!

Dress up at the Personal Shopper Suite at Topshop, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Even though I love spending hours going through rails of clothing at stores, I much prefer to have it cut out for me and have someone give me outfits that would suit me. That's exactly what this Personal Shopper experience did. I had earlier booked my birthday appointment for today the 24th of May at Topshop, Mall of the Emirates and the lovely Personal Shopper, Ms.Monique Martch called me back and asked for what in particular I was looking for and I told her that I was shopping for my birthday and she said she would pick out some dresses, skirts etc

I headed out and first impressions were that the suite was private, stunning interiors and definitely welcoming as I then met Monique who by the way is the sweetest person I have ever come across and definitely knows what style is. You can bring along your friends to help take pictures of you while you dress up and even dress up themselves as I brought along 3 of my friends. There's a cute little table with goodies to eat like candy and red velvet cupcakes as well as magazines and some gorgeous accessories.

 Monique quickly introduced herself and showed us around and she showed me the dresses she had picked out for me and I started trying on outfits.


I initially did try on this beautiful cream dress with silver embellishment in a sheer fabric but I felt like I wanted to pick out a couple of other things and just mix and match instead of just buying one dress but now I think I'm going to go back and get the dress as well
Excuse my hair and face. unfortunately my they failed to cooperate with me today

My friends tried on a couple of dresses as well

I liked the color of this one but I own a similar dress so I didn't get it

This reminds me of a very Alexander Wang inspired sheer dress as well as a Cristopher Esber sheer dress like the ones below

This one skirt really stood out to me. I LOVE the print. very vintage and american. perfect for a road trip

I ended up going for a very casual,simple and sophisticated look for my birthday as I plan on going for dinner so I picked out a blue long sleeved shirt which looks very denim but it is super comfortable! I also picked a quilted leather skirt which I adore since it reminds me of the Josh Goot quilted skirt. I paired it with a gold horse necklace ( statement piece for sure) and a leather jacket but I didn't get the leather jacket because I already have a couple at home.

Overall it was a great experience and the prices were suitable and I will be visiting the Personal Shopper suite more often in the months to come as it is a great idea and service!