The Newly updated H&M : MOE

4:22 AM

Before summer ended, boo hoo, I popped into the newly updated H&M store at Mall of the Emirates and I must say they did a pretty good job of renovating. It was way more organised than the old store and there was so much more to choose from. Particularly, I noticed that there were a lot more accessories and beauty items than before which is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the prices didn't want to be best friends with me. I am a broke teenager and there aren't many jobs that hire teenagers part time in Dubai and nor am I famous and rich so I shop very consciously  and on a budget and make sure that I don't overspend. H&M does have some great sales but right now, there aren't any so I'll have to wait till December probably?

With all that said, I did manage to pick up two pieces which were within my budget. They were:

A mustard colored basic t-shirt. I LOVE the basics section at H&M because you can pair them with anything and I love minimalistic clothing so that explains it. I did want to originally get a grey shirt but I already had one so I decided to opt for a color my wardrobe didn't have. Its quite comfy as well but its a tad bit long for me and I might just cut it off and sew a new hem.

                                                         Mustard pop basic tshirt - Dhs 39

The second thing I bought was a gold cuff hair tie. Even though my hair is pretty short right now and I have to use a load of bobby pins to secure my hair  together when putting it up, I still got it for when my hair is  long and thick. Plus its a gold cuff! I've wanted one for ages since I saw someone wearing a similar one on Tumblr. It definitely will stand out against my black hair and I can't wait to wear it!

Gold cuff hair tie - Dhs 16

I am heading down to Ibn today so I'll try to pick up these gorgeous floral pants at H&M I saw on Lana on a massive billboard on my way to school. They are beyond my budget but its something that I see myself wearing all the time.


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