Valentino Fall 2012 Women's Collection Review

6:24 AM

The Valentino shows have always gotten the attention of the fashion obsessed and for their new Women's Fall 2012 collection it seems to have had the same effect but personally, the S/S 2012 collection really captivated me and I could not stop thinking about it.

The theme and color palette definitely without any doubt had a massive change. Back in the Spring Summer Women's 2012 collection, From the clothes to the makeup, the theme was very angelic and feminine and to me it represented a young, graceful girl with purity and it was a sweet treat to the eyes. The colors were soft shades of pink, purple, blue, white and yellow. In terms of texture, lace was the main item and Valentino left a little bit of it for the Fall collection.

The Fall collection on the other hand was completely different and the difference almost felt like it was a teenager who was moving from her soft side to a dark and more edgier side and so who wouldn't love that? 
This time, the colors were darker shades and there was mostly a lot of black,grey, white, dark or coffee browns but there were pops of color like a pinkish/lilac and red which reminded me of the colors from the S/S collection.

One main fall trend that Valentino embraced was leather and they used it to perfection. It started off by being made into elegant capes that would surely show power, long sleeved jumpsuits, coats and skirts to being incorporated into the tiniest details on dresses. Even though leather can be quite thick and heavy, Valentino managed to make it very lightweight and loose.Very chic I must say! Couple of trends they also included were lace, sheer fabric and high collars.

A lot of the dresses reminded me of the S/S collection but the intricate details made the difference and kept it fresh. Overall the collection had a lot of structure to accentuate the  beauty of the person wearing it but it also  presented the beautiful craftsmanship that would have been done on it. It was aesthetically pleasing and they kept it simple yet elegant and suitable to the perfect Valentino girl. 

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