Dress up at the Personal Shopper Suite at Topshop, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

11:11 AM

Even though I love spending hours going through rails of clothing at stores, I much prefer to have it cut out for me and have someone give me outfits that would suit me. That's exactly what this Personal Shopper experience did. I had earlier booked my birthday appointment for today the 24th of May at Topshop, Mall of the Emirates and the lovely Personal Shopper, Ms.Monique Martch called me back and asked for what in particular I was looking for and I told her that I was shopping for my birthday and she said she would pick out some dresses, skirts etc

I headed out and first impressions were that the suite was private, stunning interiors and definitely welcoming as I then met Monique who by the way is the sweetest person I have ever come across and definitely knows what style is. You can bring along your friends to help take pictures of you while you dress up and even dress up themselves as I brought along 3 of my friends. There's a cute little table with goodies to eat like candy and red velvet cupcakes as well as magazines and some gorgeous accessories.

 Monique quickly introduced herself and showed us around and she showed me the dresses she had picked out for me and I started trying on outfits.


I initially did try on this beautiful cream dress with silver embellishment in a sheer fabric but I felt like I wanted to pick out a couple of other things and just mix and match instead of just buying one dress but now I think I'm going to go back and get the dress as well
Excuse my hair and face. unfortunately my they failed to cooperate with me today

My friends tried on a couple of dresses as well

I liked the color of this one but I own a similar dress so I didn't get it

This reminds me of a very Alexander Wang inspired sheer dress as well as a Cristopher Esber sheer dress like the ones below

This one skirt really stood out to me. I LOVE the print. very vintage and american. perfect for a road trip

I ended up going for a very casual,simple and sophisticated look for my birthday as I plan on going for dinner so I picked out a blue long sleeved shirt which looks very denim but it is super comfortable! I also picked a quilted leather skirt which I adore since it reminds me of the Josh Goot quilted skirt. I paired it with a gold horse necklace ( statement piece for sure) and a leather jacket but I didn't get the leather jacket because I already have a couple at home.

Overall it was a great experience and the prices were suitable and I will be visiting the Personal Shopper suite more often in the months to come as it is a great idea and service! 

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