My sewing collection

9:19 PM

Pink pencil skirt made by me

                                                   Grey fur vest and  silver leather skirt made by me

                                                       Red fur vest and green/white tote bag made by me

Lately I've been busy with something called the Personal Project at school where we had to choose a topic close to our heart and make something related to it and I picked fashion, no doubt there and I decided to learn the art of sewing and make my own collection. My inspiration for the clothes and accessories I made came from a variety of fashion shows and fabrics in general for example I've always wanted to work with faux fur and leather since I like experimenting with different textures. Working with leather was a bit tricky since I had to use leather needles when sewing and not pin the fabric too much since it would visible pin holes which is never a good thing. Since I'm a beginner, my pieces aren't that good so please excuse me if some of the pieces look weirdly shaped!  Now that my project is over, I'm going to continue to sew and maybe do a few DIY's in the future? 

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